3Core’s QHSE system has evolved over time. Originating from our collective experiences with some of the largest names in drilling (Maersk, Schlumberger, Sedco Forex, Pride, KS Energy, Seadrill, Strata, etc…) we have developed a QHSE system that is recognised and accepted globally, enabling us to pre-qualify and register with the worlds leading Operating Oil companies.

Accreditation from the ‘Best in Class’ Corporations



Asset Management System

3Core has invested heavily in the development of a fully automated ERP system that seamlessly manages the preventative maintenance program, ensuring that the parts and equipment are where they need to be (and when). The system drives the procurement process and automatically communicates with accounts. From cradle to grave with minimum input and effective controls in place.


Fully automated ERP system managing complex workflows (PMS, Inventory, Procurement and Accounting), cost and budgetary controls, reporting and management information systems. Providing timely and accurate information to business decision makers.