Class Surveys

We support our clients in securing all class requirements and where surveys are due, we fully support and manage the process in conjunction with the asset owner and the classification society. Our indepth understanding of and knowledge in drilling enables us to quickly satisfy all class concerns.

Fabrication Repairs

Whether it is the repair of a damaged platform (top side), in field or shipyard repairs, 3Core has the necessary expertise.

Equipment Overhaul

3Core has extensive experience with ‘in field’ overhauls of engines and of all manufacturers drilling packages. Our expert Mechanics, Electricians and Electronics Superintendants carry an encyclopeadic knowledge of drilling equipment, supported (as always) by our comprehensive PMS program.

Equipment Upgrade

For older assets, it is often the case that equipment must be replace/upgraded and in most cases new equipment must be retro-fitted with engineering modifications. 3Core has extensive experince not only in the upgrades, but also in the engineering design and planning phases beforehand.

Rig Modification

Similarly to the case with equipment upgrades, clients often request that we carry out major modifications to enhance, or to completely change the use/purpose of their assets. In such cases we have a long history of rig modifications.