Technical Specifications

3Core can deploy at short notice expert teams to evaluate assets and to provide consultative guidance on the need for/relevance of technical specifications. Such services often provide significant value for investor clients, who may not necessarily have access to such drilling expertise.

GANTT analysis

Aligned to our extensive project management expetise, we make extensive use of GANTT anaylsis and reporting to ensure all parties remain ‘on track’ for all projects undertaken.

Project Management

Project management is at the heart of everything 3Core does. Whether it be a new build (we have project managed the building of 4 new jack ups), in refurbishment programs, in extreme engineering programs, etc. we have extensive experience in delivering on time and on budget, no excuses!

Testing & Commissioning

Prior to release from a shipyard, all drilling assets must be comprehensively tested and commissioned. This is often done in isolation as each machine or piece of equipment is tested and commissioned independently. We take an holistic approach to testing and commissioning, ensuring that all equipment is fully integrated and ready for operation.

Systems Integration

3Core is able to create full simulation tests to stress assets as they would be under normal drilling conditions. The objective being to identify system failures under load. We have extensive experience in Systems Integration analysis, testing and rectification.