Bid preparation

3Core is primarily a drilling contractor and as such, we have successfully negotiated drilling contracts for over 35 years, with all of the major operators around the world. This has given us a unique insight into those key elements that are required within a successful bid. Whether this be contractual, operational, legal, geographical, commercial, etc. we retain detailed records and we monitor the market closely.

Client lobbying

3Core maintains a team of marketing experts who cover the globe, maintaining direct relations with key clients. Whether this be in South America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Australasia, etc. we have established relationships that we maintain and nurture.

Contract negotiations

As stated previously, 3Core has extensive experience and track record in successfully negotiating profitable, safe and efficient drilling contracts whether it be directly, or as part of a consortium.

Rig Brokerage

It is often the case that brokers retain a bias towards the sale of an asset. In the case of 3Core, we remain impartial, providing expert opinion and consultative guidance on the market value for any give asset. Our extensive network, developed over the last 35 years of drilling operations ensures that we can reach out in all directions to ensure that our clients get the most comprehensive search, guidance, brokerage services.