Campaign Preparations

3core’s expert team has vast experience in preparing assets for drilling campaigns. Whether this be for a long-term stacked asset, a new build or an operational asset, our team undertakes a methodical process of campaign preparation. This (of course) includes full system integration tests, inventory build up, implementation of systems and procedures, procuring tubulars and handling tools, ensuring that the drilling package is in line with the drilling program, recruiting personnel, preparing catering, house keeping, etc.

PMS and Inventory

We see PMS and inventory (procurement) as a unique strength for 3Core. Over many years we have managed assets (old and new) across the globe. We have developed a comprehensive database of drilling equipment and we are able (at short notice) to populate unique PMS files for assets that do not have any records (new build). The process of preventative maintenance, is full automated, driving workflows that involve inventory, procurement, finance and (of course) operations.

Mobilisation (Rig & Personnel)

As with any service company, 3Core is only as good as the people we employ. In most cases, our senior personnel have been working with us for over 20 years. This provides an immediate impact as the team are familiar with each other, and with our systems and procedures.

Daily Operations Management

3Core has managed operations on and offshore for asset owners around the world. We understand the importance of operational efficiency (safely) and our track record shows efficiency rates amongst the best in our field of expertise. It is no surprise then that we continue to be called upon to manage our clients assets on their behalf.

Integrated Services

Within the drilling sector, 3Core has the experience and track record to provide fully integrated drilling services. Where expertise does not reside inhouse, we have established partnerships globally and we are able to provide clients with a seamless (end-to-end) integrated drilling service.